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USL Medical



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A latex free, elasticated tubular bandage designed to provide support and compression. A practical easy to use solution to the problems posed by soft tissue injuries and sprains. Can be applied to sensitive areas using an applicator. Stays in place with no clips or tape.

Always apply Tubular Grip as a double layer.

Instructions for use

Ankle, Lower Leg, Elbow, Knee and Thigh
• Pull tubular grip onto limb like a stocking.
• Double tubular grip back over limb.

Wrist and Lower Arm
• Double tubular grip and make two small cuts 3 cm from fold for thumb.
• Pull tubular grip over arm and push thumb through the first hole.
• Double tubular grip back, draw second hole over thumb.
• Pull top layer about 3 cm further up the arm than the bottom layer.

1 Metre length – Latex Free

Size Available:
B – 6.25cm x 1m
C – 6.75cm x 1m
D – 7.5cm x 1m
E – 8.75cm x 1m
F – 10cm x 1m
G – 12cm x 1m

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