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Whiteley AllCare



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New And Improved Softer Pillow

Suited for medium to larger adults who prefer to sleep on their side. It is designed with two differing edge heights allowing you to choose the height that will provide optimal neck support for you. This pillow is 2.5cm higher than the AllCare Streamline Pillow. It is designed for your head to be in the centre of the contour and your neck to be supported by the raised edge roll. This will allow for a more comfortable night sleep while providing you with the support you need. Made from PU Foam, which provides comfortable support while maintaining its shape. This pillow is not suited for back sleepers.


  • Suited for medium to large framed people who sleep on their side
  • Provides ideal posture for correct spinal alignment
  • Treated for effective control of bacteria, mould and mildew
  • Washable/removable cover
  • Made from Polyurethane Foam (PU)
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