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Whiteley AllCare



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A flat knitted knee brace specially designed for treatment of post-operative swelling and meniscus problems. Swelling over the joint area results in significantly inferior neuromuscular stability. By controlling the swelling and supporting the joint, the proprioception can be enhanced. The central part of the knee brace, with the highest compression have to viscoelastic pads incorporated on each side of the knee. They are positioned on the inside of the two spiral stays to provide local compression and to relieve pressure over the area. Patients with pain medially/laterally over the joint space get local compression and support by the brace.

As a guide take the thigh circumference approximately 15cm up from the centre of the knee cap.

Size Knee centre Thigh standard Thigh PLUS
X-Small 27-29 cm 38-40 cm
Small 30-32 cm 41-43 cm
Medium 33-35 cm 44-47 cm 47-50 cm
Large 36-38 cm 47-50 cm 50-53 cm
X-Large 39-41 cm 50-53 cm 53-56 cm
XX-Large 42-44 cm 53-56 cm 56-59 cm
XXX-Large 44-46 cm 56-59 cm 59-62 cm
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