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Portable Handheld Massager

The Flow Move has been designed in consultation with leading athletes, sports physiotherapists and professional sports teams across the world – To help speed up recovery and improve performance.

Top Features:

  • Designed in-house by our expert Engineers, our latest digital motor is our quietest (Less than 45DB) & most powerful iteration yet.
  • Easy to use 4 speed control including Flow Wave mode.
  • 5 Flow Heads included – Metal, Soft, Wide, Fork & Bullet.
  • With its high- capacity Lithium-Ion battery architecture, our device offers over 4 weeks of regular use on a single charge.
  • Pressure Sensing – This technology protects against overpressure and provides guidance for the most optimal recovery.
  • USB-C Fast Charging – Charge your device anytime, anywhere. Never let low battery levels hinder your recovery again.
  • Smart & Safe – Move redefines recovery technology with its unparalleled intelligence and safety features.


Product Data:

Battery Life: 2-3hours

Recharge Time: 3hours

Charging Method:USB-C

Battery Type: Li-on battery

Level 1 Mode: 1600rpm

Level 2 Mode:2200rpm

Level 3 Mode:2700 rpm

Flow Mode: 1600-2700rpm

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